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Entrepreneurs are constantly considering opportunities to create a unique position in the market. Even though you can manage several aspects within your organization, some projects are more efficient to outsource. Not only because of costs, but - not inconsequential - also to receive a new perspective on matters. This definitely applies to projects that you are not regularly dealing with, such as IP matters related to the introduction of a new product, a trademark conflict or an acquisition.

Mark Your Brand, part of IP boutique firm AOMB, particularly focuses on trademarks, design rights and IP agreements. We closely cooperate with a wide range of clients. Our primary focus is on Dutch SMEs, often with international ambitions and faced with challenges in the field of trademark law. We also assist start-ups in streamlining trademark and design registration processes and we provide assistance in portfolio management of trademarks and designs.

Mark Your Brand offers all services you would expect from a specialised trademark firm and more. As entrepreneur, you will notice the different way we handle matters. While our solutions are legally substantiated, they are crystal clear. We not only offer different solutions to your problems, but also communicate differently: informal, fast, clear, sometimes headstrong; yet we always put your business interest first. By building a bridge between your commercial targets and the legal possibilities that we see early on in the process, you will be in the position to quickly adapt and keep your business moving.

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Do you want to spar about trademarks, designs or IP agreements?